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Three Reasons to Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Subcontractors United is founded and operated by Vietnam Veteran Pete Di Giordano.

America was in the process of  getting into the Vietnam war. Like most young men that were eighteen and older Pete was drafted into the army. After six months of training the fourth infantry division he was shipped to Vietnam in 1966, proudly serving his country as a Mechanic with 704th Maintenance. After being stationed there for nine months he felt that he wasn’t giving enough back to the country that had accepted him as an immigrant. (His family migrated here from Italy when he was nine years old, in 1956.) Wanting to play a bigger part in contributing to America's Freedom he extended his tour to fifteen months and volunteered for the infantry and served the remainder of his time with Second Battalion Eight Infantry 2/8 Recon. The army was a huge force in shaping his life. 

1. Promoting Economic Stability for Veterans

Ensuring Financial Independence:

  • Job Creation: Veteran-owned businesses often hire other veterans, providing them with meaningful employment and easing their transition to civilian life.

  • Economic Contribution: By supporting veteran-owned businesses, you help sustain and grow enterprises that contribute to the economy, fostering financial independence for veterans and their families.

2. Acknowledging and Honoring Service

Respect and Gratitude for Sacrifice:

  • Recognition of Skills and Discipline: Veterans bring a unique set of skills, discipline, and work ethic honed during their military service. Supporting their businesses acknowledges and values these attributes.

  • Gratitude for Service: Patronizing veteran-owned businesses is a tangible way to show appreciation for the sacrifices veterans have made for the country, demonstrating respect and gratitude beyond words.

3. Strengthening Community Ties

Building a Supportive Network:

  • Community Engagement: Veteran-owned businesses often have strong ties to their communities, participating in local events and charitable activities, which fosters a sense of community and solidarity.

  • Mutual Support: Supporting these businesses encourages a culture of mutual aid and strengthens the social fabric, as veterans are known for their commitment to service and community involvement.

Why Memorial Day is Important

1. Honoring Fallen Heroes

A Day of Remembrance:

  • Commemorating Sacrifice: Memorial Day is dedicated to honoring and remembering the men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military. It's a solemn occasion to reflect on their ultimate sacrifice for the nation's freedom and security.

  • National Reflection: The holiday provides an opportunity for the entire nation to collectively remember and pay respects to those who have given their lives in service, ensuring their sacrifices are never forgotten.

2. Preserving Historical Awareness

Education and Awareness:

  • Historical Significance: Memorial Day serves as a reminder of the cost of war and the value of peace. It educates younger generations about the history of the country and the importance of military service.

  • Legacy of Service: By observing Memorial Day, we ensure that the legacy of those who served and sacrificed is passed down, maintaining a collective memory and fostering a deeper understanding of the nation's history.

3. Fostering Patriotism and Unity

A Time for National Unity:

  • Shared Heritage: Memorial Day brings people together, transcending differences to honor a common heritage of sacrifice and service. It strengthens national unity and patriotism.

  • Community Activities: Parades, memorial services, and community events held on Memorial Day foster a sense of community and collective respect for the nation’s military history and those who served.


Supporting veteran-owned businesses and observing Memorial Day are both significant actions that honor and respect the contributions and sacrifices of military personnel. By supporting veteran-owned businesses, you promote economic stability for veterans, recognize their service, and strengthen community ties. Memorial Day is crucial for honoring fallen heroes, preserving historical awareness, and fostering national unity and patriotism. Together, these actions ensure that the sacrifices of veterans are remembered and valued, reinforcing the importance of service and community in American society.

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